Updates to Fashion Games 5

Update 21 jan 2018: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro with 30 new clothes. There are no ads and no locks.

Update 3 dec 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Fashion Superstar Dress Up so u have to pay for new clothes. Before it was free of charge.

When a new item becomes available, one paid item becomes free. Everyone will get all items, but paying customers will get them faster.

There is always over 5000 items free.

Update 25 now 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor Fashion Dress Up to be free.In this version, there are also some ads.

Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro has much more clothes and no ads.

Update 8 oct 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor fashion dress up to include more coloring options and new clothes.

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