New Superstars

New Superstars like Sabrina C, Kim K, Emily R and Saara A, lot of new Clothes and Accessories.


Everything is free

Dress Up all Superstars:

Alessandra A, Alexa C, Alexa V, Alexandra D, Alice E, Alicia V, Amber H, Angelina J, Anja N, Anja R, Anna S, Annalynne Mc C, Annasophia R, Anne H, Ansel E, Ariana G, Ariel W, Ashley M, Audrey W, Ayumi H
Bar R, Barbara P, Behati P, Bella T, Benjamin P, Beren S, Beyonce, Bill K, Blake L, Brenda S, Brenton T, Bruna T

Camilla B, Candice S, Cara D, Catherine D, Chanel I, Charli X, Charlize T, Cheryl C, Chiharu O, Chloe B, Chloe M, Ciara, Clemence P, Cody S, Conchita W, Courtney E, Cristiano R

Daniel C, Dante, David B, Demi L, Dev P, Douglas B, Doutzen K, Dove C

Ed S, Eden X, Edinson C, Edita V, Ella E, Ella H, Elle F, Ellen H, Ellie G, Emeli S, Emilia C, Emily B, Emily R, Emma S, Emma W, Emmy R, Erin H, Evan R W, Felicity J, FKA T

Foxes, Freida P

Gabrielle U, Genevieve H, Georgia M J, Gina R, Gisele B, Gizele O, Gracie D, Guillermo O

Haifa W, Hannah S, Harry S, Hayley K, Hayley W, Hazal K, Heidi K

Iggy A, Iirina S, Imogen P
Jamie C, Jane T, Janelle M, Jared L, Jena M, Jenna C, Jenna D T, Jennifer L, Jennifer L, Jessica C, Jessie J, Jim C, Jing W, Joan S, John M, Johnny D, Jourdan D, Julianne H, Justin B

Karlie K, Kat G, Kate H, Kate M, Kate M, Kate U, Katy P, Kaya S, Keira K, Keke P, Kendall J, Kerry W, Kesha, Kiesza, Kim K, Kristen S, Krysten R, Kylie JLady G

Lana C, Lana D R, Laura M, Laura W, Lea M, Lea S, Leighton M, Lena G, Lily A, Lily D, Lily J, Lionel M, Liu W, Lorde, Lucy H, Lupita N
Madison B, Maisie W, Maria W, Mats Z, Megan F, Meghan T, Meryem U, Michael F, Michelle W, Mick J, Mila K, Miley C, Ming X, Miroslav K, Mollie K
Nadine L, Nasri, Natalia V, Natalie D, Natasha P, Naya R, Neelam G, Neon H, Neymar, Niall H, Nick J, Nicki M, Nicola P, Nikki R, Nina D, Noomi R

Ola R, Olga K, Olivia C, Olivia P

Patricia B, Penelope C, Perrie E, Pharrell W, Phoebe T, Pixie L, Poppy D, Priyanka C


Reese W, Rihanna, Riley M, Rita O, Robin T, Rooney M, Rosamund P, Rosie H-W, Ruby R, Ruth W, Ryan G

Saara A, Sabrina C, Sam C, Sam S, Saoirse R, Sarah H, Sasha P, Scarlett J, Selena G, Sergey L, Shailene W, Shanina S, Shenae G, Sia, Sienna M, Sofia V, Sonia E, Sonam K, St V, Suki W, Sun F, Sung H

Tarkan, Taylor M, Taylor S, Tessa T, Tian Y, Twiggy


Vanessa H, Victoria I, Willow S

Zayn M, Zendaya C, Zhenya K, Ziyi Z, Zoe K, Zoella



App for sale

Fashion Superstar Dress Up application is for sale
– Ready for Android and IOS.
– Native app
– Amazon RDS database
– Admob Ads and locks are in place.
– Html, javascript, php
– over 6000 clothing items by Liisa Wrang
– your own avatar style
– over 300 superstars by Liisa Wrang
– connecting stylist around the world

Contact info(@)

FashionTube 10

FashionTube… copy your fashion video link or youtube address to “website”.


Updates to Fashion Games

Update 28 feb 2019: Appstylist Oy recently updated Fashion Superstar Dress Up :
We have prevented the screen from scrolling, even if some of the
clothes are partially off-screen.
We also made the “trash area” slightly smaller: now you have to drag
the items all the way to the left edge of the screen to remove them.
Unfortunately, on devices with very narrow screens, some items (very
wide dresses, for example) might still touch the trash area already in
their default position, and be removed when they are touched.Finally, items should no longer block the buttons on the left and
right; the buttons should stay above the items.

Update 21 jan 2018: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro with 30 new clothes. There are no ads and no locks.

Update 3 dec 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Fashion Superstar Dress Up so u have to pay for new clothes. Before it was free of charge.

When a new item becomes available, one paid item becomes free. Everyone will get all items, but paying customers will get them faster.

There is always over 5000 items free.

Update 25 now 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor Fashion Dress Up to be free.In this version, there are also some ads.

Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro has much more clothes and no ads.

Update 8 oct 2017: Appstylist Oy recently updated Recolor fashion dress up to include more coloring options and new clothes.

New fashion game

The Finnish game company Appstylist announces the launch of a new fashion game Recolor Fashion Dress Up, which is especially targeted at girls and women. The game offers high-quality fashion, a wide range of garments and an entirely new kind of coloring feature for adjusting the colors of clothes, hair and accessories steplessly.

In Recolor Fashion Dress Up, you can dress dolls and combine and color hundreds of clothes and hair styles. You can be a fashion designer! The game works without a network connection and finished designs are stored in a device-specific “wardrobe”. Designs can be shared and commented on social media.

The new game is a lighter version of the company’s highly popular game Fashion Superstar Dress Up. The game art was designed by Liisa Wrang, who has also created the world famous Stardoll and Fashion Superstar Dress Up games.

The new game Recolor Fashion Dress Up is available for Android devices on Google Play.

Appstylist’s original game Fashion Superstar Dress Up is a free, high-quality dress up game specifically designed for girls and women. The game has nearly 15000 daily users in more than 200 countries. The monthly growth rate is significant even though the company does not have a marketing budget. The average time spent playing the game is over 50% more than the average for comparable mobile games.

Fashion Superstar Dress Up is available for Android devices on Google Play and for iOS devices on the App Store.



Privacy policy

Privacy policy

In this privacy policy, we (Appstylist Oy) describe how we collect and use information from the users of our services. We may update this policy from time to time, so please review it frequently. Changes to this policy are published here at our web pages. Use of our service can, to the extent permitted by law, be deemed as an acceptance of these terms, including changes.

The users of our service can create content (e.g., designs and comments), and this content can be made publicly visible together with the username and (automatically detected) country of the user.

As part of a voluntary registration, we may ask for information such as username, e-mail address, age, and gender. In the case of Facebook login, we may get this information directly from Facebook. We do not transfer personal information of individual users to third parties, except to service providers who need such information to perform services on our behalf and who are bound by this policy, or when we believe that it is appropriate to comply with the law or to protect us or our users. If the whole service is acquired by another company, the personal information is also acquired by the buyer and that buyer will continue to be bound by this privacy policy.

We may collect and share non-personal and aggregate information. We or third parties may be using cookies or other technologies to collect information as a result of ad serving or using Google Analytics. Our service may be linked to other third party services (e.g., Facebook). Collection and use of information by these third parties is subject to their own policies and is not covered by our policy. Please consult their privacy policies.

If you have any questions or want us to delete your information, you can contact us at info(et)


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