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  • Irene

    The clothes stay…

    The clothes stay on the screen when choosing items. I try to move the necklace and the wig moves or the dress the clothes move and go to delete help i enjoy the game.

    • Rauli Post author

      All image formats area rectangular border specifying the size of the image. We use the transparent properties of PNG images to simulate the appearance of a non-square image. And it depends which image is overlapping which. So trying to move a cloth, you might move another.

      Clothes must be moved enough to the right or to the left, so you can put them on top of another.

      Making creative designs require training. You can look how the most popular stylists have done their work. Practise makes you a good stylist.

  • ladonya

    Tge gamevis not loading. In my account its stating warning of to many stuff. I dont know or understand whats going on. I really love ghis game. Its relaxing and helps with depression. My name is donyaj on the game.

    • Rauli Post author

      At the moment, trying to connect to our game fails in some cases because of some problems with DNS servers. We are very sorry for the problems with our app and for the inconvenience caused. We are trying our best to find the cause of the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

      Best regards

  • Britian

    To The Developer’s:

    I’m trying to put my flag by my name but don’t know how; the girls or some players said it should have automatically appeared when I open the app but that didn’t happen. Please help me with placing my American flag.

    • Rauli Post author

      Normally you’ll get the flag automatically, but for some reason not always. First you could check is your location service turned on or off on your mobile devide?
      Maybe it’s about your wifi. Have you tried to create a new account somewhere else? You could try to do it. Maybe it would help.

    • Rauli

      We have to do something to get the server fees paid. The ads do not generate enough money. Otherwise we would have to remove the game, and we don’t want to do that, because so many people all over the world love it. Whenever a new item becomes available, one paid item becomes free. Everyone will get all items, but paying customers will get them faster.