Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro and Recolor Art

Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro

Play dress up, combine and color clothes and hairstyles, be a fashion designer!

Recolor Fashion Dress Up Pro is a unique fashion game. This game Connecting Stylists around the world. Choose from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles and accessories. Change the colors of clothes and mix-and-match freely to create countless designs. Works offline, no wifi needed.

Coloring clothes and combining them in creative ways gives you unparalleded freedom in creating your favorite look and being your own personal stylist. Huge collection of clothes and accessories to choose from for every occasion. Dress up superstars for red carpet, coolest parties, movie awards, dates and photo shoots.

How to play Recolor Fashion Dress Up:

– Choose “New Design” on the start screen.
– Click the buttons on the left to change the face or add clothes, hair and accessories.
– Use the slider on the right to change the colors of clothes.
– Customize your look with countless combinations.
– After you finish dressing her up, save your design. You can view your recent d
esigns and change them later.

– Share your design on social networks. Use the hashtag #recolorfashion so that others can find your designs. Use the button on the start screen to see the designs of others on Instagram and comment on them.


The game is available on Google Play.

Recolor Art

Never been an artist before? Take a deep breath and recolor the most beautiful Japanese wood block prints with your own favorite colors! Dive into old Japanese world and enjoy the artistic freedom like never before. Free your inner creativity.

Woodblock printing in Japan is a technique best known for its use in the ukiyo-e artistic genre of single sheets, but it was also used for printing books during the Edo period (1603-1868). The Great Wave off Kanagawa by the artist Hokusai is the most well-known example, and on of the most well-known works of Japanese art.

– Recolor Japanese wood block prints with beautiful kimonos and samurais with decorative swords.
– Recolor the most beautiful artworks with new color combinations.
– Share your recolored pictures with your friends or the whole world, through social media or e-mail.
– Tap to paint and pinch to zoom.
– Designed for adults.
– Plenty of colors.
– Works offline, no wifi needed.