Paperdolls are here again

Appstylist is a Turku, Finland based game company founded in December 2016,  From its inceptiont Appstylist has set out to build category-defining games in the fashion which are especially targeted at girls and women. You can become part of the fast growing “Paperdolls” community. Join us!

Stylist Heaven

designed by Liisa Wrang

Discover the #2 Fashion game and show off your Style. All for free!

Stylist Heaven is a game where you get the free account. You can play dress up and style fashiondesigns, share them with your friends, and take part in challenges. Combining and coloring clothes, hairstyles, accessories and faces gives you endless possibilities to express your creativity.

The game is download on Google Play 

We are working on a web version for everybody (also for Apple users). You can try it out at   .

The following features make Stylist Heaven special:

-Thousands of clothes and other items for free, with new content published weekly.
– Changing the colors of clothes leads to a huge number of variations.
– You can become part of a friendly paperdolls community: explore the designs created by other players, share your own, give and receive likes and comments.
– You can also play offline on your own.
– Take part in weekly challenges with a variety of topics, or create any design you want with no restrictions.
– Customize the face of a female or male model, create your own look-a-like, a celebrity, or any avatar you want.
– Mix and match freely to create truly unique designs

Enjoy the freedom and relaxed atmosphere of fashion and style, have fun and be creative!