Fashion Superstar Dress Up

Fashion Superstar Dress Up is an unparalleled adventure in the world of fashion. Dress up, style and makeup your favorite superstars and fashion celebrities, glamour girls, challenges, stylists.  

Make billions of combinations with clothes and accessories. Design your own dolls with Avatar generator. Do complete makeovers! 

Everything for free!


The game is download on Google play and Apple App Store.

Recolor Fashion Dress Up

Recolor Fashion Dress Up is a unique fashion game. Choose from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles and accessories. Change the colors of clothes and mix-and-match freely to create countless designs. Works offline, no wifi needed.

The game is download on Google play.

Recolor Art

Never been an artist before? Take a deep breath and recolor the most beautiful Japanese wood block prints with your own favorite colors! Dive into old Japanese world and enjoy the artistic freedom like never before. Free your inner creativity. Works offline, no wifi needed.

Woodblock printing in Japan is a technique best known for its use in the ukiyo-e artistic genre of single sheets, but it was also used for printing books during the Edo period (1603-1868). The Great Wave off Kanagawa by the artist Hokusai is the most well-known example, and on of the most well-known works of Japanese art.


The game is download on Google play.