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Appstylist is a Turku, Finland based game company founded in December 2016,  From its inceptiont Appstylist has set out to build category-defining games in the fashion which are especially targeted at girls and women. You can become part of the fast growing StylistHeaven community. Join us!

StylistHeaven story

ChatGPT: Fashion Adventure in Turku

Once upon a time, there was a bustling city named Turku, located in the magical land of Finland. In this enchanting city, a unique fashion scene flourished, and at its heart thrived StylistHeaven – the magical realm of fashion. The protagonist of our story is the fashion guru Sirkka, who lived in Turku surrounded by her passion. Her life took a new turn when she immersed herself in the StylistHeaven Fashion Game.

Sirkka was a name that resonated in the fashion world, and she wanted to prove that Turku was brimming with creativity and style. Her sister Liisa was also part of this fashion tale. Liisa had designed a globally renowned collection, and the sisters were like the dream duo of the fashion world.

Sirkka embarked on her StylistHeaven adventure with enthusiasm. Roaming the virtual fashion city through the streets of Turku, she faced challenges and tested her skills. Her sister Liisa, who held high regard in the fashion guru realm, supported her on her journey, providing advice and sharing her own fashion wisdom.

The first task

The first task led Sirkka to Turku’s most famous fashion boutique, where she created an outfit that blended the city’s unique history with modern style. The result was a visually stunning ensemble that reflected the diversity of Turku’s fashion.

As Sirkka progressed in StylistHeaven, she encountered other fashion gurus who competed and collaborated to create magnificent creations. Turku became the focal point of the StylistHeaven community, and the city’s fashion began to influence virtual world trends.


One of the highlights of StylistHeaven was the international gathering of fashion gurus. Sirkka and Liisa were invited to participate, proudly representing Turku’s fashion world. Liisa’s global collection received well-deserved recognition, while Sirkka charmed the StylistHeaven community with her unique creations.

Together, the sisters crafted a new story for Turku’s fashion world through StylistHeaven. They inspired other fashion gurus in the city, making Turku a place where creativity thrived, and a sense of style became a valuable asset.

As the credits rolled for StylistHeaven, Sirkka and Liisa looked back on their adventure with satisfaction. They had demonstrated that even though Turku was a northern gem, its fashion and creativity could shine throughout the fashion world. The story of Turku’s StylistHeaven lived on in the hearts of fashion gurus and enthusiasts worldwide.

StylistHeaven community

designed by Liisa Wrang

Discover the #2 Fashion game and show off your Style. All for free!

Stylist Heaven is a game where you get the free account. You can play dress up and style fashiondesigns, share them with your friends, and take part in challenges. Combining and coloring clothes, hairstyles, accessories and faces gives you endless possibilities to express your creativity.

The game is download on Google Play 

You can access a web version that is available to everyone, including Apple users, by visiting