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    • Rauli

      You can remove the block :
      1. ”Settings/Sign in”
      You have blocked the following users ”click user”
      2.[unblock] user
      3. Explore/ play continue…..

  • Pamela

    What happened to my sketches? I had a design ready for posting, and discovered all my sketches are gone. My designs have replaced my sketches. Now it’s saying to go to a web for commenting, voting on designs, etc. I see that one can block, or report others now. Not happy about losing my completed work of my designs.

    • Rauli

      If your sketches have disappeared, the Android system has probably automatically emptied the cache to save space. This is not our intention, but it might have happened because of the update or for some other reason.

      As part of the update, we have implemented harassment reporting at the request of Google. After the update, logging in can only be done in the web version, and commenting as well as saving images will occur on the web side.”

  • Felix

    Hey there. After the new update I can no longer log into my account on the app. This only happened just after the new update. I can log into my account on the website, but not the app. Please fix this 🙂

    • Rauli

      You can log in on the website, but not in the app. We tried but we can`t fix the Google account in the app.

  • B R

    Can only view 10 pages of my designs which means o don’t have access to my earlier designs. Please can you fix this . This never happened on the superstars app. Great website but let down by this feature on stylist heaven 🙁

    • Rauli

      All your desingns are saved in the database, but you can only view 10 pages.

  • Melo

    Can the dolls please have different body sizes and shapes.. other than that I’m in love with the game

  • Winter Wonderland

    Can the jackets that hang off the shoulder also have an option where they fit regularly?

    Thanks. Love the game. Would love to use certain jackets but they’re half hanging off.

  • Sky

    I truly enjoy this game alot but I’m having an issue. It has taken my profile and deleted it. Three times I dont know why but it has taking all my designs. I had 100’s of designs. Can you please help with this, I do pay my monthly bill.
    I really love this game and I dont want to feel like I’ve wasted my time and money.

    • Rauli

      Your lookbook hasn’t disappeared. Nothing is removed.

      You can go to menu/ logout. Then menu/ login and try to remember your old username and password. You have now an account and lookbook with password. All dolls are saved.

      If you don’t remember your username and password exactly the easiest way is to create a new account and make new designs.

      We can not find a username or password with your email address.

  • Baba yaga

    Love this, it provides hours of enjoyment. 😄
    Would it be possible to make all the jackets/sweaters/coats etc., that are off shoulder, fit like a regular jacket?
    Thank you

  • Brooklyn Chayse

    This Fashion Game Is So Extremely Creative And Fun As Well As Awesome In Everyway It’s The Best One Ever Created In The Entire World In My Honest Opinion I Am Such A Happy Completely Satisfied Customer Forever Thank You So Very Much Take Care.🤗👍💕✌

  • Tiah

    Love the app, always have. The app would be funnier in my opinion if you left everything free and open again the it originally was. Also if you could add a jump to option on clothes it would help (ex. I want to use a dress on page 85, jump to page 85 instead of clicking next button so much).

  • Mizzan Anderson

    Love this app it’s give me a chance to express my artist flow through patterns and colors.
    I went to school for commercial art. I wished they had this then.
    Plus I’m to connect with other from all over the world and share with them and then with me. Networking and building friendships.
    Cincy Ohio

    • Rauli

      Your lookbook hasn’t disappeared. Nothing is removed.

      Try to remember your account and password. If you don’t remember your password exactly the easiest way is to create a new account and make new designs.

  • Keyna Skinner

    so id love to give feedback as i have first hand experience with a wide range of your consumer base and knowledge of what they like and dont. and this dress up game is one ive been lookin for for awhile. amazing graphics, great selection of clothes to choose from…love the celebrity face feature. theres A LOT i love about this game. but there are also consumer concerns and frustrations ive been privy to hear. One, people want more male celebrity faces to choose from, i wholeheartedly agree as it only makes sense because of the number of female faces. alos, you need an equal amount of clothes and accessories to choose from for the males. its just too short and NOWHERE near enough. ALSO, and this is Cruicial, PEOPLE are unhappy with the fact that theres only ONE hair selection for MEN OF COLOR or BLACK MEN to choose from which is Unacceptable. You need to consider changing that as soon as possible as that will be one main reason you lose the fan base you have now. ALSO, to set yourself ASIDE from all other dress up apps, You should consider implementing Hair that flows as if by a wind machine or nature herself. Other than those things, LOVE THE APP KEEP IT.

    I can increase your revenue based on my experience and knowledge in fashion and games and consumers.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. You have intersting ideas. We appreciate it a lot.

      • Dierdra Daniels

        I truly enjoy this game. I absolutely love it!
        Can you advise if there will be darker skin tones among the selections?


  • Mary Sample

    I love the game but you got rid of a necklace and kept the bracelet. If you get rid of part of a set get rid of the hole set! Also I had over 300 out fits and you restarted my game! What the heck is going on?

    • Rauli

      There are some items that include both necklace and bracelet. You can’t get rid of part of the item.

      We haven’t restarted the game. Try to remember your last password. If you don’t remember your password exactly the only way is to create a new account and make new designs. We can not find a username or password with your email address.

  • Keyna Skinner

    hello how are you, well i hope. just wanted to come leave a comment that someone may see and get some positivity and motivation from. But anyway, I HAVE SPENT A NIGHT SLEEPLESS because of this fashion app. Especially since im into not just the garments tops and bottoms and accessories but detail to male and female models with VARIETY of races WITH HAIRSTYLES and more to match. SO keep it up. id like to see more wind effect in the hair and gowns some jackets for dramatics

  • Riri

    I love this game but I wish they would put luxury clothes on here and more shoes tennis shoes I say and I wish you guys can put jobs clothes on there like officer outfit or doctor clothes or fire women outfit because girls can be what ever they want

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. There is already some luxury clothes and tennis shoes. We’ll see what our illustrator can create based on these ideas.

  • Patricia Vester

    I love this app, but hate paying the 99 cents monthly for new cloths. I am on disability and my budget is stretched to the limit. I am considered a ‘senior’ and a senior discount of 99 cents for the new clothes would be an awesome incentive to keep this app. Also, I am disappointed in the choice of ear rings to match the clothes. I would love to see the classic hoop ear rings in every color imaginable, please.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. Some new items are locking, but over 5000 items are freely available. Everyone will get all items, but by paying or looking the rewarded ads customers will get them faster.

  • Tara

    Since I am paying a monthly fee to get new clothes, it would be nice if you would remove the ads. Other than that, it’s a fun app to play.

  • Amentija

    Отличная игра. Мне очень нравится большой выбор одежды. Можно создать какой угодно стиль и образ. Однако, мне бы хотелось, чтобы было больше опций в поиске. То есть можно было бы искать не только как платье, юбка, брюки и т. д.. Но, например, поиск по цвету или модели.
    Как пример юбки:
    Короче, что-то в этом роде. А то иногда поиск занимает очень много времени.

  • Maysa Giovanna luz trindade

    O jogo e muito bom mesmo eu adorei / eu não gostei que o avatar não pode se mexer mais tirando isso e muito bom 🤙🏼

    • Lucy

      I love super starstar I think it’s amazing
      Because you can use adds to unlock new clothes

  • CB123

    I love the game but I can’t sign in properly because I don’t have Facebook so I can’t sign in properly.

  • Sophie

    I LOVE THIS APP!!! I really do. I’ve been using this for years now and I’ve never had an issue. However, one thing that I would improve would be the selection of skin tones when making my avatar as there is only three different choices.

      • Raena

        I absolutely love this game to pieces in my opinion though. I have made some friends who comment on my outfits/designs that I have made. To be honest I love the clothes but there is only one problem, can you just let everybody have the clothes that are locked and new.

  • ????

    I love this game so much and the clothing is awesome but why are you guys making the poor people like my family pay what we don’t have every month. The best clothing is locked and we can’t pay it. I think it’s stupid.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. Some new items are locking, but over 5000 items are freely available.

      Everyone will get all items, but by paying or looking the rewarded ads customers will get them faster.

  • Anonymous

    The game is amazing, truly…but the males need more variety in clothes like have ties and more suits. Also, maybe allow to customize our avatars with makeup?

  • Problem with my app

    Comment 28.10.2019 to info@appstylist.fi

    Here’s my problem: I actually have three devices with Supertstar dress up on it. phone and two tablets. I am very sure that I do not have an account with you other than pay my 99 cents a month with allows me to play the game with the new clothes on one tablet.
    I tried to set up both tablets to one account and something happened, all my dolls that were saved were wiped out. That didn’t disturb me, what gets me is that I can’t play the game with the new items on either tablet.

    Here’s what I would like to happen…I need help setting the game up to play on all of my devices under one account. Is that possible?
    Can you help me reset everything?

    • Rauli

      If you pay for a subscription on an Android device, it should work on all Android devices if you are using the same Google Play account. If you use a different Google Play account, then the subscription will not work. It will also not work on an iPhone, iPad or a computer.
      You can play Fashion Superstar Dress Up on multiple devices and save all your desings by setting passwords to your stylistxxx usernames. You can also set new usernames.

      How to create different accounts and lookbooks with passwords and new usernames on two devices (for example):

      Go to ”menu” (left corner)
      Go to My Account (do not log out)
      ”Logged in as Stylistxxx1 Set yourself username and password to play from multiple devices”
      Username Stylistxxx1
      New username Myname1
      Set password Myword1
      Verify password Myword1

      Go to ”menu” (left corner)
      Go to My Account (do not log out)
      ”Logged in as Stylistxxx2 Set yourself username and password to play from multiple devices”
      Username Stylistxxx2
      New username Myname2
      Set password Myword2
      Verify password Myword2

      You have now two different accounts and lookbooks with passwords. All dolls are saved. If you want the same account on all devices, you must change account.

      How to use the same account and lookbook with password on two devices (for example):

      Go to ”menu” (left corner)
      Go to My Account (do not log out)
      ”Logged in as Myname1”
      (You can set new username, BIO, new password, if you want.
      You must verify new password and set old, current password)
      SAVE, if you have done changes or go to menu

      Go to ”menu” (left corner)
      Go to log out
      Go to ”menu” Login
      ”Use existing account or create a new one”
      Username Myname1
      Password Myword1

      You have now the same account (Myname1,Myword1) and lookbook on both devices. You can also change your username on all devices.

  • Aleisha

    A lot of the clothing is see through which makes it hard to dress the doll properly, some of the clothes are out dated. A lot of the shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans etc. Don’t have matches which isn’t fun. The hair section is ok but better styles would be nice, more jewelry options are needed also same for the shoes. When creating the model the picks for eyes, lips and brows are very slim pickings which is boring. Other than all of that I love the game!

    • What does it mean?

      Alt. Meaning?

      G is for great, that describes you.
      O is for outgoing, so sociable are you
      R is for relish, you seek a challenge.
      G is for glow, the warmth of your smile.
      I is for innovator, always improving
      S is for serene, your calm time.

  • Nora D

    Comment 27.10.2019 to info@appstylist.fi

    Fashion Superstar Dress Up

    My neice and I enjoy this game. Questions= 1.Previously if another player followed you there would be a message to that effect at the bottom of the display. Why was that function stopped? 2. Nothing happens when the Like and Thumb keys in the comments section is presses. What are their functions? 3. What is the trick/secret that allows players with votes far less than others to appear on Trending and Top Commenters? I have even
    seen just the unclothed model with 15 votes appear. So we know it is not dependent on the number of votes or style of design. Rather unfair and some of the younger impressionable players quit for this very reason.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback.

      We bought the game a couple of years ago, when the original developers wanted to stop maintaining it. Not all features are working as well as we would like. We have fixed some things, but we don’t have the time to make big changes, because we are maintaining the game as a hobby on our free time.

      1.Notifications were nice, but the old notification system stopped working, and we have not managed to implement a new one.

      2. The “like” button next to a comment can be used to upvote a particularly good comment, but they are not used much.

      3. “Trending designs” are the most upvoted new designs (last 24 hours). Sometimes a mediocre (or even unclothed) design can make it to the list. Some people have a lot of friends who will vote for their designs regardless of quality. To get on the top commenters list, you would have to write many comments every day. Unfortunately, only those who chat a lot can make it to the list. We agree that the top commenters list is not very useful.

      • Nora D

        Comment 28.10.2019 to info@appstylist.fi

        Re: Fashion Superstar Dress Up

        Thank you for your response. This is the only dress up game I have discovered that invites
        creativity to all ages. If indeed, it is only a hobby done in your spare time, other game developers should be worried. 💎💎

    • Olga

      Es muy buena. Me encanta y es fabulosa😘❤
      LA AMOOOOOOOOOOOO❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊n

  • Migue

    Ive always loved this game, ive even been paying for ot for about 2 years now. But can the clothes be more fashionable, i feel like alot of the new items are very out there and covered in asian art (othing wrong with asain art) but its overwhelming, and indont see why ifnim payimg for the app why there are still ads?!

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback.

      You’re right, there are many clothes covered with Asian art. We have customers from all over the world, including Asian countries. Anyway, there are thousands of clothes in our game (about 6000 items). We hope everyone can find clothes they like.

      There are ads and in-app products in the game to get server fees paid.

  • Darnise Clark

    Your tops you release don’t match the pants and skirts fast enough so it’s hard to create outfits when the matching clothes, accessories and shoes come out weeks later, so I end up closing the game and waiting for the matching pieces. When I first start playing this game their were far more clothing options. More hairstyle, coats, more everything. The masks and different eyes or other items are not needed. The fun is in the outfits and hairstyles and shoes now I don’t play it as much

    • Rauli

      Some new items are locking, but over 5000 items are freely available.

      Everyone will get all items, but by paying or looking the rewarded ads customers will get them faster.

    • Happy

      I really love this game. Almost every day appear new items there. I like masks and different eyes too, cause I sometimes like to make fantasy looks. I also like to see the designs of other people. Some of them are super creative.

  • Fabio Rolim

    I love the game… But I would like to have the option to change the clothes colours …. That would be awesome

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. We have also the other android game ” Recolor Fashion Dress Up”. There you can recolor skincolor to quite dark and of cource recolor all clothes, hair etc.



    • Rauli

      Your username TASHONO7 is not correct. We found your old username Tashon07 and there are all designs in your lookbook.

      Try to remember your last password. If you don’t remember your password exactly the only way is to create a new account and make new designs.

      We are sorry that logging is not good. We can not find a username or password with your email address.

  • Barbie Bran

    I Absolutely Love this game!! Been playing it for 4 years now. It is the Best dress up game ever! Please add some gold and silver hoop earrings. Also a couple of Asian men.

    Thank you



      AND THEIR OPTIONS WERE TO START FROM SCRATCH, If can’t remember my password exactly with my username. Then I still don’t know what will happen. I don’t trust the game now, someone went into my account and deleted everything because the questions are left empty. You can still contact me through your site Tashon07. I will figure out something to join the game again. Maybe I’ll start over, I’m still thinking about it
      Love you!❤❤❤

  • Carla

    Thank you for the single earrings! I would love to see the accessories button divided into Shoes, Handbags, Hats, Other

    • Rauli

      Your idea is very good. Let’s see, if we manage to do it. We can’t afford to hire a coder now, but there is a young man who helps us sometimes. Right now he is very busy with his own work.

      • Carla

        Rauli- no worries I know you will make great improvements when you can. I know no one else will say this but I wouldn’t mind paying more monthly, to pay for a full time coder. I love this app over everything I have ever downloaded.

        Always a fan,
        Carla (Justly)

  • Kalawya

    To improve the app I believe you guys should let all the outfits be used freely and you guys should bring in a new piece every day. Thank you for letting me comment, and I hope you take it into consideration.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback.
      We have to do something to get the server fees paid. Otherwise we would have to remove the game, and we don’t want to do that, because so many people all over the world love it. Whenever a new item becomes available, one paid item becomes free. Everyone will get all items, but paying customers will get them faster.
      New items will appear more frequently maybe about twice a week and about 30 items every month.

  • Zombie Girl

    I love this app immensely. Would it be possible to set up the clothes, accessories, hairstyles, etc. like the recolor app? It would be so much easier if this had organized categories. Plus, we need more shoes and boots in a variety of colors. Thank you!

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. We try to find the solution to this problem if it is possible.

  • Michelle

    I really love how some outfits look stunning with handbags but the only down side would be that when we put a bag, it just floats on top of the avatars hand. It would be really lovely if it was possible to make it look like the avatar was actually holding the bag. Thank you for creating such a fantastic game for many to enjoy, not only as a game but for people to show and embrace their creativity.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. It’s hard to make bags looking good in the hand, but by wearing the gloves they look more realistic.

  • Deborah R Simmons

    I love this game. I wish you could find a quicker way to search for the outfits, navigation. It would also be nice if I could delete any outfits that I do not want to keep.

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. The navigator is maybe coming later. You can already delete your own outfits you don’t want to keep.

      • DEBORAH

        Thank you for your response. Please provide instructions as to how to delete unwanted outfits. I do not know how to delete them. Thank you.

        • Rauli

          You can delete unwanted outfits dragging your recent items to the left edge of the screen and so items will be removed.

          • Deborah R Simmons

            I do move to the left Edge to take that clothing item off of the model to put on another one but I am talking about permanently deleting an outfit out of the choices I have. Is this possible? Example, I’m not a fan Halloween it would like to remove Halloween items permanently.

            Reply: It’s not possible.

  • Mari

    Can you add more characters? Perhaps more featured eyes, noses, eyebrows, newer lip colors. Also, the medium and darker tone skin seems more similar to each other. Overall, great game. Also maybe different body shapes, every body is beautiful and id like to share that

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. You have intersting ideas. We appreciate it a lot.

      • Rauli

        You have surely noticed there are some superstars with darker skin. We have also the other android game ” Recolor Fashion Dress Up”. There you can recolor skincolor to quite dark and of cource recolor all clothes, hair etc.

  • Carla V Jolley

    As you know I have been a fan with daily designs for nearly 4-5 years and I love this app. I don’t see it as a game, it is my creativity and my relaxation. I work outside the home 10-12 hrs a day so I look forward to coming here and making a design that others enjoy too. I have learned so much about other people in far away countries and love reading and writing to them. I am 65 years old and my grandchildren like that I “play with my dolls”. Keep up the great work, I know it is difficult to keep this kind of app free to users but that is the greatness of you, I dont mind paying the very small fee to keep it free foe some of the younger players who can’t pay. Thank you— Justly

  • Carla V Jolley

    I would like to see more single earrings so you can use them when hairstyles cover one ear. Using double earrings on those hairstyles make the design look unrealistic.

  • Angel

    I would like it to become much easier to comment and like others designs without having to lose your place in their look book!!

    • Rauli

      Thank you for the feedback. You have interesting ideas. We’ll see what our illustrator can create based on these ideas.

      • Patricia Vester

        I wish you had more of the classic hoop earrings in all different colors. Sometimes it’s hard to match earrings to an outfit and the classic hoop goes with most anything.

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